Is a mobile phone insurance useful? News always well informed

Is a mobile phone insurance useful?

A recent study shows which mobile phone insurance customers find very fair. How useful the protection is, however, remains questionable. Because despite the positive verdict mobile phone insurance are in the criticism: The Association of insured (BdV) calls it, for example, as nonsensical and expensive. Robbery and damage can also be hedged differently.
Eine Handyversicherung ist nur selten sinnvoll
Mobile phone insurance for consumers rarely makes sense

A customer survey by Focus-Money and ServiceValue is currently investigating the question of which mobile phone insurance companies Germans find fair . The result of the investigation is largely positive . Overall, the customers were satisfied with the variety of products and the transparency of the services offered. This result surprises with regard to the criticism from experts. Thus, the BdV mobile phone insurance has already chosen the nonsensical policies on the market. The reason: Many damages are already covered by a household or liability insurance . It is therefore questionable whether a mobile phone insurance really makes sense.

Mobile phone insurance: Fair yes – but also useful?

In the study on the fairness of mobile phone insurance more than 1,100 customer judgments were evaluated on different points. For example, insured persons should state their opinion on the offers, the price-performance ratio, the risks hedged or the transparency of the services. Five providers were rated with a very good rating . These are:

  • ARAG
  • congstar
  • Ergo Direct
  • friendsurance

The assessment of the customers is thus in marked contrast to the test of the computer magazine c’t. This came to the conclusion some time ago that mobile phone insurance is expensive and without real benefit.

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Mobile phone insurance: Meaningful protection is often already available

Despite the positive customer ratings in the study, it remains questionable whether the extra protection for smartphones via a mobile phone insurance makes sense. Because many damages that are covered by the additional insurance are integrated in a liability insurance. For example, a broken smartphone after a water pipe break counts among the insured losses that overlap. Other damage to your own cell phone – due to condensation or a self-buried coffee – are not covered by any insurance cover. It looks different if the damage is caused by someone else . Then the liability insurance of the causer pays the damage, regardless of whether the display is broken or a spilled drink destroys the electronics.

Interested parties should not, however blindly rely on their insurance cover, whether liability or household contents. A look at the contract documents or a call to the insurance company can quickly clarify whether and in which cases the smartphone is insured .

Mobile phone insurance: Customers are left with these damages

A mobile phone insurance is rarely useful and for several reasons: Damage is often already covered by other insurance and other dangers that go beyond this protection are usually not borne by the mobile phone insurance. For example, hardly any cell phone insurance cover cosmetic repairs, so scratches and scratches must be eliminated at your own expense . For major damage – such as a completely cracked display – cell phone insurers are often on. But in claims settlement, these are not required to provide a new and equivalent device. Often only the time value is refunded, which is often far below the original price due to the rapid decline in the value of smartphones.

It is particularly annoying that the theft of a new and often expensive smartphone is usually not insured . This is different in a robbery – that is a theft with violence or threat. However, here is the mobile phone insurance makes little sense, if the damage is covered by the household insurance.