Changing car insurance: Take these tips to heart


Changing car insurance: Take these tips to heart

In autumn, many motorists decide to change their car insurance. According to a survey, this year around 8 million insureds are thinking about traveling with another car insurer in 2015. Anyone who wants to secure discounts on his new car insurance should, however, be careful, warns the consumer center NRW.
Safe and well secured by car on the road

In autumn, motorists usually do not just switch to winter tires. Many also consider changing their car insurance. In 2014, every fifth car insured thinks about a change , according to a study by the market research institute YouGov. But not every policyholder can cancel his car insurance until 30 November 2014. Only whose contract was concluded with the contract beginning on January 1, can properly announce the new year. This applies to most insurance contracts.

Significantly lower insurance costs with change of car insurance

The consumer center of North Rhine-Westphalia points out that a car insurance comparison pays off. Since the prices of the providers according to the car insurance check of the financial test sometimes significantly differ, it makes sense to first compare different offers together before a decision is made. A study by the independent Berlin Institute for Insurance shows currently that the price difference between the most expensive and the cheapest car insurance is on average around 1,200 euros. But cheap does not necessarily mean good, warn the consumer advocates.

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Car insurance change: tips from the consumer center

Insured should pay close attention to the insurance conditions when changing their car insurance . If it is stipulated that customers are to be extremely downgraded after a claim in their damage-free class, the alleged insurance bargain can quickly become a burden of several hundred euros a year, warns the consumer center. In addition, the old insurer should be terminated only when the change of car insurance is completed.

Service: Although you have until 30 November time to cancel their old car insurance and change. But the sooner you get an overview of the offers with a tariff calculator, the better. If there are problems, then there is still enough time to clear them up.

Be careful when hunting for discounts

With the change of car insurance , car owners can also check whether they are eligible for discounts , for example, when compared to previous years, the mileage has reduced or the car is now in a garage. According to Stiftung Warentest (Finanztest issue 11/2013), a vehicle with a garage can be insured up to eleven percent cheaper than a car parked on the street.

But in the hunt for discounts , it is important to make sure that they can comply with the appropriate conditions, the consumer advocates to consider. For example, anyone who gets caught in an accident with a higher mileage allowance than agreed can “turn the savings on their contributions downgrades and penalties, if necessary, quickly into the opposite direction”.

If you want to change your car insurance, the Consumer Center offers even more tips:

  • Damage-free class can be confirmed in writing by the previous insurer
  • If the fee for the new contract is higher than agreed, it will be paid only with reservations. Insured persons thus do not risk their insurance coverage and at the same time have the opportunity to examine and recover sums paid in excess.

Change car insurance after contribution increase

The amount of the contribution for motor insurance consists of many different factors, such as place of residence and car type. The new regional and type classes for 2015 are already known and show that some of the vehicles are being upgraded. This can have a positive or negative impact on the contribution amount. If this increases, motorists have a special right of termination . Car insurance can then be changed within one month of notification of the premium increase , regardless of the regular notice period.

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